Prank Calls
This April Fools Day I wanted to prank as many coworkers as I could. I decided that throughout the month of March to record prank phone calls to several individuals. I have yet to tell those people that I was pranking them and wanted them to find out Today!
Below is the audio in which I take you thro…
Giant Light Switch
Improv Everywhere is at it again! This time bringing Christmas joy to some New Yorkers. Watch as they literally light up a park and many peoples faces! Love it when things go as you planned them.
Why I Love It
Let's be honest.  Cops have been picked apart for the last couple years about everything they do.  I will say right now that I support the police.  I have watched way too many videos that show "bad cops" and people are getting the wrong idea about what they do.
4,000 + Rolls Of TP
While Howie Mandel was in New York his friend, and prankster, Roman Atwood decide to pull one on him. A 4,000 plus roll prank. See what it's like TPing someone's house with that much soft ammo!
Is This Real?
Is this possibly real?  They say that if you get someone to wrap their legs around a light post cross-legged, it's nearly IMPOSSIBLE to get back up without help.  What?
Selfie Prank
Pranks can be very funny when you get the right people with the right prank.  They're even funnier when you get the same people over and over with the same exact prank.
Let Me Get It
Are people really this gullible?  The prank itself is not all that incredible.  It's the old, you've got a quarter behind your ear trick.  The good part is that these are probably the most gullible people on the planet!

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