President Obama

Biden-Obama Meme
If you haven't been entertained by any Obama-Biden memes on the internet lately, you've been missing out. Ever since last Tuesday's election, President Obama and Joe Biden have been turned into conversation memes regarding Trump's visit to the white house, in which Obama is usual…
How Big Was His Tax Refund?
If you had to take a guess, how much do you think the President of the United States got back in his federal tax return this year? How much does the President make as a salary?
President Obama and his wife Michelle together made an adjusted gross income of $436,065, nearly 9 percent less than the yea…
He Walked Away!
The G7 Summit took place earlier this week in Germany where the leaders of seven major countries get together and talk about the economy.  Some other countries were invited as well including the leader of Iraq - Haider al-Abadi..even if some people didn't recognize he was there.
Mean Tweets
It's one of the funniest things that Jimmy Kimmel does on his show.  He has celebrities and sports stars and really just about anyone who is famous read the mean things that people say about them on Twitter.  I don't know if he can top this one.  He got President Obama on bo…
Bowe is Coming Home!
On Saturday, May 31, 2014, Americans learned that Idaho native Army Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl had been released in Afghanistan after being held prisoner for nearly five years. He was exchanged for prisoners in Guantanamo Bay, who will now be sent to Qatar.
"On behalf of the American people I was ho…
Scotty's Feud
Scotty McCreery was all set to see his beloved Boston Red Sox at the White House today, but it all went wrong, thanks to American Airlines.

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