Not Moving To White House
Over the weekend it was confirmed that Melania Trump will NOT be moving into the White House after her husband officially becomes president in January.
But, what do you think? For good reason?
Melania has decided to stay home in Trump Tower so that 10-year-old Barron can continue attending his Up…
Presidential Debate Highlights
GENIUS QUESTION! It was the last question of the debate asked by a "undecided voter" in the crowd.
'Can you name one positive thing you respect in one another?'
Wow. Who knew how this was going to go--it actually went well.
Here's what they had to say:
Hillary Clinton:
Best Debate Tweets
It may have been the nastiest debate of their campaigns, as Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump took turns jabbing at each other with comments, a little harsher than usual. In fact, it was the most tweeted about debate of all time on Twitter, so naturally, the internet had a riot with the jokes...
Joining Forces
It's politics and it's strategy.
Sunday night, boy Ted Cruz and John Kasich announced their plan to stop Donald Trump from getting to that magic 1237 delegate count to become the GOP nominee.
Due to both Cruz and Kasich being basically mathematically out of getting the number of delegates needed for t…
Ted Cruz In Buffalo
Just three days after Bernie Sanders spoke to a full-capacity crowd at the University at Buffalo, Republican Ted Cruz will speak at UB as well except at a much, much smaller venue: Katharine Cornell Theatre, which holds only 500 people...
Details For Today!
Former President Bill Clinton will be in Depew Tuesday afternoon to campaign for his wife, Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton.

Where? The Grapevine Hall, 333 Dick Road, Depew
When? 2:15
Doors? 1:30 sharp

"We thought we’d have it in a location that was easy…
He's really upset
Meet Zeke.  Zeke is upset.  He found out that Hillary Clinton was running for President and it ruined his day. may not be for the reason you think.  You see, he doesn't really care about her or her policies.  He's upset because he wanted to run for presid…
Too Cute
Oh the innocence of a child! He probably doesn't understand or care that he is standing in one of the most powerful offices in the world. He's just being a typical kid...probably bored out of his mind.
His father, a departing member of the Secret Service, was in the office to meet with the …

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