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Social Networking Reactions During The Presidential Debate
President Obama and Governor Romney squared off again in the second presidential debate of 2012.  As most of you were watching the debate on television, I was listening to it and following social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook.  You really kind of get some immediate reactions t…
Which Was The Most-Watched Presidential Debate?
The Vice Presidential candidates meet in their one and only debate of the election year tonight. Vice President Joe Biden and Congressman Paul Ryan faceoff at Center College in Danville, Kentucky.
After tonight, President Obama and Governor Mitt Romney meet twice more before election day.
Sesame Street Wants This Obama Campaign Ad Taken Down! [VIDEO]
The first presidential debate between Governor Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama was clearly a victory for the Republicans.  Mitt was firing on all cylinders, while it seemed Barack was struggling for answers.  Romney laid out some decent ideas that could help America go forward, but America de…
Obama Vs. Romney: Who Did Better? [OPINION]
The first of four presidential debates for the 2012 election took place tonight at the University of Denver and it was one of the first times we could see President Obama go head to head with Governor Mitt Romney without teleprompters.