Hunter Hayes Insists He’d Make a Terrible Prom Date
Country cutie Hunter Hayes is the dream date of thousands of high school girls -- who wouldn't love to dance with a tux-clad singer at their high school prom, swaying to the beat of a sappy love song at the envy of all of their friends? Surprisingly, the country star insists that he'd actually make a terrible prom date.
country stars' prom pictures
You'll find no boots, hats or excessive rhinestones in this list of country artist prom pictures. Instead, you'll see a little leg, a few low-cut dresses and plenty of smiles.
inspiring teen
A teenager left wounded in a shooting got to feel like a typical high schooler Friday when he attended his prom.
Wild Prom Invite
Prom season is here, and young girls are thinking about who their date may be, what they'll wear etc. etc. The guys are feeling the pressure of asking a date.  Will they get rejected and humiliated...or will it be smooth as silk?
So a young guy wants to ask a girl to the prom, but he's too shy to ask.  So what does he do?  He asks us to ask her.  We went one better.  We asked Greg Bates to do the asking.
Prom Dream Date
This has become a popular thing…regular Joes like you and I asking celebrities to go to a prom or a ball or something like that. I can remember, Justin Timberlake, Mila Kunis and Taylor Swift have all been asked to be dates via internet video.  The latest...model Kate Upton.