pumpkin carving

Girl Gets Her Head Stuck In Halloween Pumpkin
It's all fun and games until someone gets their head stuck in a pumpkin.  Seriously...watch as this girl thinks it'd be funny to stick her head in her gigantic pumpkin...only to get it stuck there for a few horrifying minutes.
Brett Hull Stays Classy With His Pumpkin Carving
Brett Hull just can't leave well enough alone, can he? Last night (October 23), he tweeted out a picture of the pumpkin he carved. The picture shows an overhead view of the goal crease that his foot was in when he "scored" the winning goal that awarded the Dallas Stars the S…
Pumkin Carving With A Gun [Video]
Tired of all the cutting and the scraping involved with carving pumpkins for Halloween? The work can be so tedious. Maybe give this a try this year. This guy has his jack-o-lantern ready for trick or treaters in under 2 minutes!