He had no idea that he was pulling up to his biggest fan.
Kyle Busch was driving in North Carolina when he pulled up to the light next to Darienne Breazeale. He noticed by her hat that she was a fan of his, so he rolled down the window to try and get her attention, just to say hi...
A Race To See
You could look at this 30-second video and get a quick laugh.  You could also look at it in a completely different way and say wow!!
Tractor With A Racing Engine [VIDEO]
Everyone seems to be in such a hurry now a days.  Even vehicles that you'd expect to move slow are moving fast.  Check out this tractor that's been modified with a Volvo racing engine.  Think of how fast you could get everything done if you had this on your farm.  Or ho…
Chris Cagle, Craig Campbell and NASCAR
This weekend's NASCAR races will be graced with the presence of two country stars.  Chris Cagle is scheduled to sing the National Anthem at the Drive4COPD 300 on Saturday at Daytona.  Cagle's image will be on the deck-lid of the #01 car driven.......