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Alabama's Randy Owen Explains Mark Herndon's Presence
A 2008 lawsuit between Alabama and drummer Mark Herndon revealed that Herndon was just a paid employee of the band, not a fourth official member of the group. Recently, Randy Owen explained why he was still such a visible part of Alabama, which included appearances on many album covers.
Alabama Is My Feature Artist On Wide Open Country
You would be hard pressed to find another country group that has had the impact on country music that Alabama has. A lot of people refer to them as country's first "supergroup". They have sold more records and have had more hits than any other country group out there...
Alabama Reunion? Randy Owen Is Concidering It
Alabama is one of the most successful Country groups of all time and were the inspiration for many of today's country artist.
Now Randy and his fellow band mates are getting together to perform the cover 'Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way' for the upcoming Waylon Jennings tribute albu…