V-Day Gift Ideas
You don't have to be loaded and have tons of money to get her the perfect Valentine's Day gift (although, lets face it -- money helps). Trust me, I don't think I'm cheap, but I also don't think spending tons and tons of money for my girlfriend is necessary on Valentine's Day. I think that I get the …
New Tinder Option
Everyone is welcome on Tinder.
Introducing more genders on Tinder, an update allowing users to express their gender identity. Tinder asked transgender and GNC (Gender Non-Conforming) activists to share their dating experiences and came up to welcome more gender options on the dating app...
Best Gender Reveal
We were talking tonight about the best gender reveals and if you've ever done anything creative. But, no matter what you do or how you do it, nothing beats these kinds of reactions...
Ex's New Wife
People have been responding with so many words of encouragement after Candice Curry wrote this letter. She decided that after her ex-husband got married, she would write his new wife, Ashley  this letter.
"To My Daughter’s Stepmom,
I never wanted you h…
Blake Shelton Hater?
Blake Shelton always denies rumors and calls them ridiculous, but the last couple happened to be true. In fact, how long have Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton been dating?
Gavin Rossdale, Stefani's ex-husband, doesn't think that the timing of both his divorce from his wife  and Shelton&a…
Most Awkward Thing
Dating may be hard to do for some. It takes work to score someone you actually like and then to keep them around. I mean, heck Tinder and other apps have literally taken over the dating world. There's 40 million people online dating as we speak...
Lies That Guys Tell
Well, we've all been there. Women, which one of these lies do you catch him in the most? What else can you add to the list?

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