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WNY Law Makers Want To Charge You Extra Fee on Ubers
Ugh. State lawmakers love to tax us for every little thing.
Three Western New York democrats have proposed that every time you take an Uber or Lyft you are charged an extra dollar, for every ride.
They want to charge you more across the entire state, apparently, for funding an infrastructure impr…
Uber Named Official Partner of Bills, Sabres and Bandits
Uber has been named the official ride-sharing partner of the Buffalo Bills, Buffalo Sabres and Buffalo Bandits.  Pegula Sports and Entertainment executive vice president of business development Erica Muhleman said “as soon as ridesharing was legalized in New York State, we enthusiastically initiated…
We Might Not Have Uber, But Buffalo Has the Next Best Thing
Well, the state budget deadline has come and gone, and they're still not quite there yet.  And one of the items on the floor that's gotten some national attention is Uber, or rather, the lack thereof in the Queen City.
If and when the ride-sharing service becomes available in Buffalo, …