Watch This Guy Carve A Pumpkin With A Rifle [VIDEO]
Well...I guess you don't have to use a knife to carve a pumpkin. Like the saying goes "there's more than one way to skin a cat."
Obviously, I would never try this or want anyone not properly trained in firearms to attempt this...but this does seem quicker...
Tyler La Mond Improves His Friend’s AR-15 [VIDEO]
My son and I are constantly trying to learn about guns and how to make them better. In the past year, we have each built our own AR-15. There is something about building your own rifle that is so enjoyable and satisfying. Recently a friend of ours wanted us to look at his Bushmaster AR-15 because he…
Rifle Bill Passes For Wyoming And Chautauqua Counties!
Great news for those of us that hunt in Wyoming and Chautauqua County. According to the NYS Rifle and Pistol association's website and facebook page, the bill has passed allowing for the use of rifles during the upcoming fall big game gun season in Wyoming and Chautauqua Counties!
Good News For Wyoming County Hunters!
Finally!  Progress in the push for allowing hunters in Wyoming County to use rifles!  I hunt a bit in Wyoming Co. and love this!  I have hunted in Cattaraugus with a rifle and although it doesn't make me a better hunter, it does give that extra bit of confidence when you see deer…