Saturday Night Live

Will Forte Played an Amazing Prank on Kenan Thompson
Pranks! Wacky, silly, fun pranks! Destructive, horrible, embarrassing pranks. On last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live!, former Saturday Night Live star Will Forte reminisced about a prank he once played on co-star Kenan Thompson, a generally benign (but charmingly so) prank that saw him and Kristen Schaal playing around in Thompson’s dressing room when he wasn’t present and then sending him pictures of the mayhem. This is a classic prank. What could possibly go wrong?
"Wishin' Boot" Is On iTunes
If you were lucky enough to catch Blake Shelton a few weeks ago on Saturday Night Live, then you probably caught the video for the song "Wishin' Boot".  It's about a Boot that makes all of your wishes come true.  Now, you can find it on iTunes.
Blake to host SNL!
I've been wondering when NBC when finally nab Blake Shelton as host of SNL.  Well it's official, Blake will host and serve as the musical guest on the second new episode of Saturday Night Live January 24th. Blake is a funny somewhat of color guy so this should make for great TV...
Dr. Evil's Back!
The Sony/North Korean Hackers situation got people talking quite a bit this week.  So of course Saturday Night Live wanted to do a skit about it.  If you missed it this past weekend, Mike Myers brought back his character "Dr. Evil" from the Austin Powers movies to address the hackers and Sony directly.
'Accidental Racist' Spoofed
Country's Brad Paisley and rapper LL Cool J have been making the media rounds this week, talking about their controversial collaboration 'Accidental Racist,' which tackles the thorny issue of race relations in contemporary America. But on Saturday night (April 13) it was time for a break from all of the serious dialogue the song has opened up, as 'Saturday Night Live' spoofed the musicians in a sk
Some are calling Justin Timberlake's hosting of 'Saturday Night Live' this past weekend  an instant classic. There were some good skits, but few and far between, in my opinion. The writing on that show doesn't seem to be as good as it was years ago, and neither does the acting.

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