Know Anyone That Wants To Buy the Easter Hills Mall?
You know anyone that would want to be owner of one of the Eastern Hills Mall? The owner of the Easter Hills Mall, Mountain Development has put out an offering Tuesday looking for a co-owner of the mall.
To clarify, the Eastern Hills Mall owners wants a partner.
Brand New App
I've always thought this was a good idea.  When I worked nights, I wanted to start up a service like this.  Now it's app that will allow you to get groceries delivered right to your front door!
Walmart’s New ShippingPass Is Much Cheaper Now Than Amazon Prime
Walmart may now be better than Amazon Prime. ShippingPass, Walmart's competitive program to Amazon has rolled out some new perks.
We'll break it down for you, so you can decide which is better for you.
Walmart's Shipping Pass Advantages

Free 30 day trial
$35 for annual membership
2 day shipping
Physical s…
Cheaper Now!
There are always months that you might get a better deal on an item than other months and January is a big month for that! Yes, it's after peak shopping season for the holiday and the start of a new year to maybe lure people in trying to become "new versions" on themselves...
Xmas Shopping
This is the time of the year you see some of the most ridiculous things while Christmas shopping. Take this jerk for instance who thought during a jam-packed weekend at the mall could park like this.
Someone decided to teach them a lesson lol
Finally some positive news...
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Strangest Gifts
Looking for a gag gift?  Got someone that loves gifts that are just the weirdest things you can find?  You gotta check these ones out.  They're some of the strangest gifts I could find on
Shopping Passport
Lots of people will be maxing out their credit cards next weekend.  Of course we hope that you will think about shopping small on Small Business Saturday and taking advantage of some of the great stores we have right here in Buffalo!
WARNING: Holiday Fake Apps
Make sure you pass this one along. If you do ANY shopping on your phone, make sure you take a look at this.
Scammers are only getting better and better every year and this year, they're at it again. Fake apps are circulating that have 'great deals' for you and have 'the hottest it…
Win a dream day!
Win a dream day with Craig Campbell brought to you by the Walden Galleria
Your day starts off with a makeover from Lord and Taylor, get yourself pampered and relaxed followed by Lunch at Bravo with Clay, Liz and Dale!  After lunch race Craig Campbell and the WYRK staff around Pole Position Racew…
Where to Get Your Own Raspberries in WNY
It's berry season in Western New York, and what is better than a basket full of FRESH berries you picked yourself?! With Labor Day just around the corner, this is just the ticket for a family outing!
But where can you find pick-your-own farms selling raspberries in the Buffalo, NY, area...

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