Lost GoPro Found
If you don't like heights, have motion sickness or have epilepsy DO NOT watch this. It's a lot to take in! 
Turns out this GoPro came loose during a skydive jump in Sweden. Take a look at the footage!
The finders are still looking for the owner:
"My dad, a mycologist, found an G…
Guy Has A Seizure In The Middle Of Skydiving [VIDEO]
Ever go skydiving before?
It's one of the most adrenaline-packed things you may ever experience in your life--even for someone that has done it hundreds of times. Take this guy for example who knows what he is doing and clearly has some experience...
New Olympic Sport?
Normally when you think synchronized routines, you think swimming or maybe dancing...but skydiving? Check out this cool, mesmerizing and maybe a little dizzying video from Dubai.
Slip 'N' Slide
I'm not a fan of flying. I'm even less of a fan of jumping out of that airplane. But some people do it. Some even do it for fun!
Check out how this couple of incredibly experienced divers chose to finish a recent jump.

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