Live Longer By... Sleeping In!
Sounds too good to be true, But wait!...there's scientific proof that sleeping in on weekends will help you live longer... and if it's backed by science, that's all the proof I need!
Don't Sleep By Phone
If you actually read your cell phone instruction manual (who really does, though?), you may see a warning can also be found inside the phone’s manual that states covering the device with bedding or other material could restrict airflow and cause a fire...
Cute Alert: This Toy Train Was Too Much For This Baby [VIDEO]
I know that my parents used to put us in the car when we were babies to get us to go to sleep. If only they knew this was a possibility!
Little Vivienne loves her older brother's train and has mastered the operation, that's why her mom was comfortable leaving the room to check her email...
Cutest. Baby. Ever
Here are 3 of the cutest kids ever recorded on video! After you've seen all 3 of them vote which one is your favorite!
This little guy is trying SO HARD to stay awake LOL

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