Steven Tyler

The Cadillac Four?
You never know who is going to show up at concerts these days...especially if you're in Nashville. Concert goers at The Cadillac Three show in Nashville got a sweet surprise when Steven Tyler hit the stage to sing "Sweet Emotion."
Tyler's Country Video
Steven Tyler's country debut album is on the way and 'Love Is Your Name' is the lead off single that dropped months ago. Despite the major impact at radio that was hoped for, Tyler isn't sure that his Aerosmith bandmates are happy with his decision to make a country record either…
Stripped Down Country Version
If you're excited as we are that Steven Tyler is making a country album, this will be a real treat for you then. Actually, if you're just a plain fan of good music you will appreciate these clips. Last Spring, Aerosmith frontman, Steven Tyler did a short set at Constitution Hall in Washing…

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