Accidental Mistake
Just about this time of the year, high school seniors are finalizing exactly where they want to head to college this Fall. Well 5,000 of them may have gotten some horrible news over the weekend – that the acceptance letter they got from UB last week was actually a mistake.
Teacher Slaps Kids
Oh boy..
We've certainly see our share of controversial classroom topics, but this one is certainly completely inappropriate by the teacher
A high school teacher in east Texas was arrested Friday after video allegedly showed her slapping a student...
Powerful Message
Very well said! Athlete or not, watch his powerful message!
"Sports will end for all of us someday, but our legacies are carried on by the kind of people we become through our journey," Gabe Dean said to the camera.
Dean is a current NCAA Wresting Champion. In quoti...
Amazing! Students Invented Way To Put Out Fire With Sound
Maybe you'll never need a fire extinguisher again?
Look what these engineer students from George Mason University invented.
Whoa! A duo of undergraduates at George Mason University in Virginia created a device that they say puts out fires with nothing but sound...
Supporting Isis
While President Obama continues to lay out plans about how to deal with ISIS, it's hard to fathom there are actually some Americans who support the terror group.
Yearbook Scandal
Imagine taking your yearbook picture and getting it back, and what you're wearing in your yearbook isn't what you actually wore.

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