Yes!! New Drumstick Cereal Being Made in Buffalo!!
No way!!!
You know the drumstick ice cream? Well, it's hitting stores already as a soft open. People have been seeing the Drunmstick cereal at Walmarts as of now, but General Mills says that it will be all across America by Summer time...
John Oates from Hall + Oates is Coming To East Aurora!
Woohooo! East Aurora! One half of the massive duo Hall + Oates is coming to East Aurora for the brand new Borderland Music Festival in East Aurora!
Coming up in September, the first major music festival ever in Western New York: Borderland Music Festival...
Cut Your Summer Cooling Costs With These TIPS
Summer is finally least for a couple months we hope! Summer brings beautiful sunsets, bonfires with friends, cold drinks, country concerts and... unfortunately high cooling costs. Check out these easy tips, it's... no sweat, see what I did there, to enjoy summer and keep some green in …

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