Man Has A Nose On His Forehead [PICTURE]
After a bad car accident and a bad infection that ate away at his cartilage, the doctors told this guy it was impossible to reconstruct his damaged nose. Their solution: Grow him a new one...on his forehead.
I Feel Dizzy [VIDEO]
The new trend now-a-days is to video tape your child after he/she has a dentist appointment or actual surgery.  Most of us internet-saavy people have seen "David At The Dentist."  If you are one of those people who haven't, it's old by now, so don't even wo…
Brett Michaels Heart Surgery
Phoenix hospital officials report that the rocker Bret Michaels’ heart surgery was a successful. The surgeons from St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Care had to close a hole in Michaels’ heart. A hospital spokeswoman says Michaels is recuperating and r…