The Breakfast Club

Donut Roulette With Paula's [LIVE VIDEO]
This morning during the 9 a.m. hour, Clay, Dale and Liz played "Donut Roulette" with Paula's Donuts! They had 6 identical donuts...kind of - one of the donuts had that delicious Paula's filling, the other five have something thats disgusting.
Nominate a Mentor of the Month!
WYRK wants to recognize the mentors, teachers, tutors, coaches, instructors or anyone who helps influence and shape the minds of the people with which they come into contact.
Science Time
Apparently, there is a way to test batteries without having to use one of those testy-things (I believe that's the correct term). So we gave it a try on-air... Take a look.
So... we didn't do it the right way. I guess the lesson here is to really research before you just jump right in...
What If...
This year, players drafted into the NFL get to pick their own walk-up music. It got us thinking about what song we would pick.
TBC + Rob Go Speedskating
The Olympics have finally arrived, and with that comes my obsession with them. Clay and Dale were nice enough to give in when I practically forced them to share my love of all things Olympics and try out some of the sports that you'll see this year in Sochi.
Winter Olympics Countdown
I have a slight obsession with the Olympics, and I decided that I was going to force my love on both Clay and Dale! The 2014 Sochi Olympics start this Friday, and my DVR is ready to go for all things Olympics.
TBC Goes Caroling
A few weeks ago, a video came through the interwebs and gave us a great idea: Why not spread Christmas cheer with a little caroling!

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