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Luke Bryan Helps YouTube Sensation Score First Kiss
Luke Bryan co-hosted 'The View' last week, but YouTube sensation Tommy Woolridge stole the show. The man who famously used Bryan and other artists' lyrics to try to pick up women and failed had much better success with former Playboy Playmate Jenny McCarthy. Much better success.
Keith Urban Performs With Adorable Viral Cover Star
Keith Urban was blown away by the talent of Carson Lueders after stumbling upon a YouTube video of the adorable young boy playing 'For You' last year. Now 11 years of age, the viral cover singer had the honor of performing with Urban in person on 'The View.' Or, was it Urban…
'the view' co-host
Look out Barbara Walters, Whoopi Goldberg, Sherri Shepherd and Elizabeth Hasselbeck. Gretchen Wilson is gunning for you, but in a good way! The country singer, who just issued 'Right on Time,' will join the aforementioned gabbers and co-host 'The View' on Thursday, April 25.
Justin Bieber Shaken Up In New York City Attack
Pop star Justin Bieber was "shaken up" when a man knocked him to the ground while he was greeting fans outside a Macy's store in New York City.  He was at an event for the unveiling of his new cologne when he decided to go outside to greet some fans.  That’s when a man broke past a metal b…
Nicole Kidman Visits The View
Nicole Kidman is seen on the red carpet and attends so many awards shows but she admitted to the ladies of the “View” that her favorite show to attend is the CMA Awards.