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WNY Firework Show Set For August 15
Are you sick of hearing all the fireworks around Western New York? Or do you think that they are starting to die off? Welp, they're coming back at least for one night and Hamburg, at least you guys will be able to hear them.
You're calendars have a bunch of plans throughout the Summer with …
Casino Reopening Dates + What To Expect in WNY
Everyone knows that one person in their friend group that has been itching to get back to the casino. You know who I'm talking about (they're also probably the same person that says they always 'win' at the casino....but, never really tell you how much money it took to finally &a…
Garth Brooks Going On Tour
This is why Garth Brooks is the GOAT.
Garth Brooks announced this morning (THURSDAY JUNE 11) that he is heading out to do a LIVE concert at an unknown location and it will be shown to 300 drive ins across America coming up on June 27...
First Autism Nature Trail in the United States Will Be in WNY
It will be a world renowned nature trail: The Autism Nature Trail.
8 stations on a 1 mile trek nature trail.
The first autism trail in the United States (and the only other one that is even remotely like it is in Japan) will be right here in Western New York at Letchworth State Park hopefully breaking…
How To Make Homemade Yum Yum Sauce Hibachi Lovers!
We were never cooks in our house before quarantine.
It was horrible on the wallet, but we loved going out to eat and dining out, but with quarantine happening, we had to start learning--and learn quick. We seem to have only 7 or 8 meals that we rotate, which is perfect for us, but you will laugh once…
Get 150% Credit For Concert Tickets–If Your Show is Cancelled
This is pretty cool if you have a ticket to a Darien Lake show you can opt in to the Ticket Refund Policy. You will get 150% value back for the ticket you purchased only if a show has been CANCELLED.
For instance, if you purchased a $200 Zac Brown Band ticket, becasue it was cancelled you can get a $…
Reservations May Be Required To Enter Darien Lake Theme Park
These are strange times and you're going to continue to see things operate different as time goes on until we completely get back to 'normal'.
According the Six Flags Darien Lake website:
To meet state social distancing guidelines and ensure the health and safety of our guests, all visi…

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