toilet paper

4,000 + Rolls Of TP
While Howie Mandel was in New York his friend, and prankster, Roman Atwood decide to pull one on him. A 4,000 plus roll prank. See what it's like TPing someone's house with that much soft ammo!
parents in outrage
Do you remember your high school prank? This one went so bad that the school is having a problem nearly two years later. The kids just love to clog the toilet and watch them overflow which, clearly causes a disaster (and a nasty one at that). But, here’s how they’re &…
Most Embarassing Moments
Everyone can recall at least one embarrassing moment where they either walked out of the bathroom with a trail of toilet paper or with their fly open.  For some, maybe the embarrassment was even more severe.  Here are lists for both men and women, of embarrassing moments.  See if you&…
Environmentally Friendly Tubeless Toilet Paper
Here's a story we had in the news this morning - is this a good idea or not?  What do you think?
Toilet paper is going tubeless, at least in some parts of the country.  Kimberly-Clark plans to roll out tube-free toilet paper at Walmart and Sam's Club starting next week...