For A Selfie!!
Ok...I've seen some crazy things in my life.  This may be one of the craziest.  Check this nut out as he gets up close to a tornado in the outback just to take a selfie with it.  Do you think it's real?
Inside the Tornado
I've never been in a tornado.  Heck, being from Western New York, I haven't even been around many.  My dad was from Oklahoma though and he used to tell me how scary they were when he was a kid.  Now I see why.  Check out this footage a guy got in Russia when he left his…
Live On Air! [VIDEO]
Weatherman Matt Laubhan of WTVA in Mississippi made an executive decision with authority when he decided to evacuate the newsroom to the basement during a tornado.
Pennies From Heaven
It is the one thing that I brag about most: The listeners that we have in Western New York are extremely loyal and generous!
The results are in, and WYRK/Townsquare Media's "Pennies From Heaven" initiative raised over $8,000!! The money will be passed along to the victims of th…
garth returns
Toby Keith did his hometown proud at Saturday's Oklahoma Twister Relief Concert at the University of Oklahoma, as 60,000 people packed a sold-out show.
ronnie dunn's Devastating pics
Before Ronnie Dunn steps on stage at Toby Keith's Oklahoma Twister Relief Concert this weekend, he wanted to spend some time with Oklahomans who have been impacted by the recent devastating tornado. On the Fourth of July, the star singer spent some time visiting with residents in Shawnee, …

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