Dog Says Sorry
Got to hand it to this dog! After making his younger sibling cry because he can't share, he tries to make up for it by delivering just about everything but the kitchen sink!
Get Rid Of Them!
If you are a parent and you feel like you're drowning in your kids' toys, don't feel alone. It's easy to become overwhelmed with all the stuff that kids get. Seriously, just have one birthday party for a kid and see if you don't need a whole new room for all their stuff.
You’ll Be Surprised Who Invented Lincoln Logs
We honored Abraham Lincoln on his birthday yesterday, and today we focus on a toy that some history books say was named after Abe Lincoln because he was born in a log cabin.
Lincoln Logs were invented in 1916 by the son of architect Frank Lloyd Wright.
What's Your Choice?
The other day, my friends and I got together, and we started talking about some of the incredible toys that we had as kids. We brought up everything from M.U.S.C.L.E.S. Wrestler figures to pogo balls, and everything in between. Somebody said, “Wouldn’t it be cool…

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