U.S. Military

Too Far?
I've been saying for years that military, both active and retired, should have a separate lane or station at airports and bus stations for screening. I saw this story this morning and it got under my skin.
Old Enough To Serve But Not To Drink
I read a letter that appeared over the weekend in the Buffalo News from a man who attended a Sabres game a few weeks back with his 20-year old son home on leave from the Marines. Before the game they went to a bar near the arena and the man ordered two beers for himself but was told he could only b…
Former President Bush Rides With Wounded Warriors [VIDEO]
Here's something you probably never heard of because the media tends to overlook our wounded veterans. This story actually took place a few months ago, but I feel compelled to bring this up again for those who have not seen this. If you listen to my show, you know that I am constantly trying to…
Gene Simmons Military Tribute
I have always enjoyed the music of the rock band KISS. After seeing this Military Tribute from Gene Simmons of KISS, I must admit I have a whole new respect for this man. Keep our troops in your thoughts and prayers EVERYDAY! Godspeed.