Crowd Video
So there I am, just minding my own business on the side of the stage, watching David finish up his show, when he comes over and SWIPES MY PHONE!
Love It or Leave It?
Dustin Lynch wowed everybody with his debut hit "Cowboys And Angels". He followed that up with the hit "She Cranks My Tractor". His newest hit is called "Wild In Your Smile". We want to know what you think of it.
Speech Jammer
Clay and I challenged Dale to read the news with an iPhone app called "Speech Jammer." The app creates a delay effect in your headphones while you're trying to speak and completely throws off your ability to talk.
The Most Complicated Game Ever? [VIDEO]
While growing up in my parents house, we often played board games on Sunday afternoons. We played them all, from Monopoly to Sorry and everything in between. One thing was for sure, though. If the directions weren't simple, we weren't playing it.
The Circus Raccoon
If you thought Nik Wallenda's walk across the Falls on a tightrope was daring, you have to see this lil rascal's daring high-wire act.
Swift's "Drive By" Duet
During Taylor Swift's "Red Tour" stop in Newark, New Jersey (she played three nights, by the way...), the mega-star was joined by a very special guest on the last night.
A Race To See
You could look at this 30-second video and get a quick laugh.  You could also look at it in a completely different way and say wow!!
First Time In Snow
Here's a cute little video to start off your Wednesday.  The Buffalo Zoo's baby polar bear cub Luna was given a chance to play in some Buffalo snow for the first time.
New Video
Lady Antebellum is flying up the charts with their latest hit, "Downtown".  It's now a top 10 hit and the video is out. Check out Hillary, Charles, and Dave as Hillary tries to convince the guys that she knows how to have fun and she's not a goody two shoes.

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