Voter Deadline
Have you registered to vote in this year's election? If you live in New York State, this is your last chance to register to vote to be able to exercise your franchise this fall.
Depew Will Save How Much Cash?
The Village of Depew's fate is in voters hands today as the long-anticipated vote on dissolving the 124-year-old village gets underway at noon. The debate has been an emotional, long fight since the push began for dissolution last summer...
$25,000 In Equipment
I used to take my kids there all the time when they were little. It's affectionately known in the Village of Hamburg simply as "The Wooden Playground."  Kids have been playing on it for about 25 years now, and it's due for some upgrades – and you can help make them happen.
Food Truck Fight
We’re seeing more and more food truck these days around Western New York.  Whether you’re looking for a quick taco or grilled cheese, some BBQ food or whatever, these food trucks are here, and they are good!
Electoral College Explained [VIDEO]
Ok...I've been watching the election all night.  I made it through school and did pretty well in my government classes.  But I'll be honest, I sometimes still get confused by the Electoral College.  It really can be kind of confusing.  So I looked for this video for us.  It's a pretty good explanation of where the college came from and how it works.
So Who Is Country Music’s Hottest Bachelorette?
Country Weekly is asking you to help select country music's hottest bachelorette !  There are 15 women in the running.  The eligible nominees include Kimberly Perry of The Band Perry, Taylor Swift, Lauren Alaina, Terri Clark and a few others.  There's even a spot where you can submit a name who isn't on the ballot!  All you have to do is......
Congressional Election A Generational Divide?
Perhaps it because of the industry I am in. It seems as though you couldn't avoid hearing about the recent race for the 26th Congressional seat. It doesn't matter what party or candidate you were voting for or against, it was everywhere. Many people were not even sure if they were supposed to or allowed to vote based on where they live. But something else seemed absent in this election.

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