Dogs Love Water
Here's a daily distraction for you.  It's hot out.  Humans love to get near a beach or a pool when it's hot.  So why wouldn't an animal that has a coat on all the time want to do the same?  Of course they do...and here's a video to prove it.
Human Water Balloon
The Slo Mo Guys are very popular, and it's so simple. They do cool things and show you in slow-mo...why couldn't we think of that?!
In this video, they decide to take a giant water balloon they've used in past videos and try to fill it with someone inside...
Water Recall
A voluntary recall has been issued for 14 brands of water.  They are all bottled through the same bottling company, and the recall was issued after one of their spring water sources tested positive for E. Coli bacteria.  Some of the brands are sold here in Western New York.
Get Ready For Summer In Buffalo
Clay and I were just talking about how we wanted to be on the water this morning for our broadcast. We will make that a reality at some point this summer! Whether sitting dockside or aboard one of the boats, Canalside has all the things you would want for a gorgeous sunny day...
Egg Underwater
If you have ever been SCUBA diving you understand how peaceful of an experience it is. It's quiet, you feel weightless and all the beauty that surrounds you...it's one great moment. That's not all that is cool, there's a reason astronauts train underwater...
GoPro In Space
If space was just a quick drive away I think it would be fun. However, you need to be super smart and healthy to go up there! But once you're there you get to do the coolest things!

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