Haha Look At This Wegmans Tattoo This Lady Got [PICTURE]
I always say that "it's more fun to talk to people that are passionate about bizzare things than a normal person not passionate about anything".
Last year we found this woman who was obsessed with Tim Horton's so she got a tattoo.
Now, we found this lady who is obsessed wit…
In Wegmans Yougurt?
I have probably a dozen of these yogurts in my fridge right now, but I've never seen anything like this before in them?
This woman shopped at Wegmans for her greek yogurt and she discovered what looks like a sharp burr of some sort. Any ideas on what this could be...
Tank Leaking
Many first responders just came quick to the Wegmans over at 1577 Military Road and while they have no released much information just yet, we do know that a liquid hydrogen tanker truck crashed into one of the poles in the parking lot.
Liz's Review
Wegmans now has a grocery delivery service, but is it worth it? Liz tried out and is sharing her thoughts.
Did You Win?
Do you play the lottery?  If you purchased your ticket in Depew, you might be walking around with a ticket worth a bunch of money!
First Time Ever Going
We live here in Buffalo, we have Wegmans around everywhere--it's just so ordinary to us that we don't even realize how extraordinary it is.
Back to Wegmans--this woman took her first trip to Wegmans and she was shocked. She reminds us all of the cool features Wegs actually has...
Wegmans #1
For the second year in a row Wegmans has been named America's Favorite Grocery Store. In a report from Market Force Information the grocery chain tied for first with Publix, with both grocery stores scoring a 77%. More than 12,700 shoppers were involved in the study that looked at differen…

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