Bald Eagles Caught Soaring
So cool! Look at these bald eagles that were caught flying in the storm in Langford yesterday!
In Western New York, we've been seeing a whole bunch of rare sights in nature, including Albino deer in West Seneca and East Aurora this week, but these bald eagles may take the cake...
Elk On Parade [VIDEO]
This video is one of the best amateur videos of wild elk I have ever seen! This was filmed in Montana and I would estimate at least 300 elk crossed this road during some sort of migration.
Raccoon Seized
A couple weeks ago, Clay showed you a video of a hillbilly dancing with his pet raccoon. That hillbilly's name is Mark Brown, and he recently had that raccoon seized by the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency.
So Alaska
This could possibly be the most Alaskan thing to ever happen! Bears gotta get around the frontier, too!
The Circus Raccoon
If you thought Nik Wallenda's walk across the Falls on a tightrope was daring, you have to see this lil rascal's daring high-wire act.
Man Chased Up Tree By Angry Deer
When one thinks of a deer, one thinks of a gentle Bambi-like creature. However, adult male deers can be pretty rough customers. Especially during mating season, when they use their sharp horns to jostle over female deer companionship.
Clay Feeds Lilly-The Baby Wildebeest [VIDEO]
Ever feed a baby Wildebeest? I had the chance to do that today. Introducing...Lilly the baby Wildebeest! She is only 10 days old and has grown so much in just a few days!She gets fed every 6 hours and will grow to be up to 600 pounds!

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