Buy/Sell Vacation
Before I was in radio, I worked in a ski shop. There was a lot of downtime there in between people picking up and dropping off skis. That lead to a lot of pointless conversations. However, one still sticks in my mind.
The owner and I were talking about what we would buy if we had all the money in the…
Your Boss May Want To Pay Attention To This!
Are you happy with the job you currently have?  Well a new study conducted by has concluded that 64% of Americans are unhappy at their job and their bosses are the main culprits.  Because people are so unhappy at their jobs, they are
Why Is It An Eight Hour Workday?
Back in the mid 1800’s it was pretty routine for people to work 10 to 12 hour days. It was just the way it was. But a growing national call for a shorter work day led to the formation of the National Labor Union that called on Congress to officially trim the workday.
Cubicle No-No’s At The Workplace
If you work at a job where you are forced to sit in a 5x5 cubicle ( or whatever the tiny measurement is) , you may relate to this post.  I am given a desk/cubicle...and I only use it for pictures and a place to set stuff for the show.  I'd hate to be trapped there for nearly 8 hours.  For those of y…