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Dad jokes
It's Worst Joke Wednesday.  Here at WYRK, we love the side splittingly awful jokes that dads spit out on a regular basis.  Some people aren't as impressed however.
Worst Joke Weds.
Yesterday was another chance to take our minds off of work and get a little laugh along the way with Worst Joke Wednesday. Here are some of the best of the worst jokes!
The Worst Jokes
We started a little later with the jokes for Worst Joke Wednesday yesterday but that didn't mean there were any shortages with the jokes.  They were pretty good too!  I wanted to share some of my favorites with you!  Find out if yours made the list right here:
Worst Joke Weds.
Yesterday was Worst Joke Wednesday on Twitter.  First of all, thank you to everyone who tweeted their jokes to us @1065WYRK.  I thought this week, you would maybe like to see real reaction to the jokes as they are told out loud instead of just the ones that are read on Twitter...
Worst Joke Weds.
With the holidays and the business that follows them, Worst Joke Wednesday has kind of been swept under the carpet a bit.  But it's back again today.  If you'd like to join in, follow us on Twitter @1065WYRK.  Here is a video that's a perfect example of the jokes we are…
The Best of Worst Joke Wednesday
Worst Joke Wednesday was back today on Twitter. We got some really good jokes from you...and some really bad ones! Thanks to everybody who played along. Remember, you can too! Just follow us on Twitter to see how it all happens. Here are some of the best from this week...
Worst Joke Wednesday Is Back
Every Wednesday we try hard to remember that we're half way through the dreary work week.  One way to do that is with Worst Joke Wednesday.  Want to share a laugh with our WYRK listeners?  Here's how...
The Best Of The Worst From Worst Joke Wednesday
Another Wednesday has come and gone and once again the listeners of WYRK prove that they know how to put a smile on people's faces...and to make people groan disapprovingly. Here are some of the best of the worst jokes from Worst Joke Wednesday!...

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