And The Most Searched Term On Yahoo Is…….
What do you think the most searched term on was??  Guys, let the ladies answer this one.  I'm not sure what may come out of your mouths.  We all know what "terms" guys are searching.  Anyway....the top searched term this year was....
American Idol Fans Can Vote For Favorites on Facebook
I watch American Idol but I’ve never actually voted for any contestant, not once.  I know tons of people do, but I wonder if it’s mostly people that live in the cities where the contestants are from.  Up until now voting has been exclusive to phone and texti…
Top Movie Comedy Queens
You may have thought Sandra Bullock was the top earning comedy movie queen.  Well you would be wrong, Sandra does make the list, but she isn’t in the top five.  Taking the top honor is none other than Meryl Streep.
Golden Globes Tonight
The Golden Globe awards are tonight, the first awards show of 2011 and I must say it’s a show that’s normally very entertaining to watch. Could it be the open bar offered to the attendee’s that makes it fun?