You Be The Judge

Inappropriate Pic?
Is this really as bad as people on Facebook were making it? This picture was posted over the weekend and negative comments seemed to flood right in.
The photo shows the couple, Marine Corps Corporal Caleb Earwood and his soon-to-be wife Maggie, praying together before the ceremony all while trying to…
Should She Be Fired?
Imagine this:
You're a teacher and you see a kid blowing his nose on others, using inappropriate language and pushing other students.
You confront him and say "do you know how your actions and your words are hurting other students and your friends...
Lost Her Job!
You be the judge on this one.
A principal at a New Jersey public school was fired over this sign.
One of the school board members said:
How can we expect our children to learn how to spell when the administration can't? We must be held to a higher standard...
Impressive Kids!
One comment said,
when is enough, enough they are just kids and this will stunt their growth. Let them be themselves."
Another read,
In an age where kids are obese and eating junk food, there is nothing wrong with them doing body weight exercises...
Kid Sues Parents
Two New Jersey parents have been ordered to contribute to their adult daughter's education, against their will.
The parents claim that their daughter didn't like the chores and rules of the house and she left. Their daughter thinks otherwise...
Strange Ebola Toy!
A company actually found a market in selling Ebola stuffed animals. Many people's first thought was "what the...." and criticizing the company while others think it is OK and are thought to be actual toys for some, including kids who love science...
Arrested Over This?
An 18-year-old Walmart employee has been seen all over the media after he was arrested  after he took deodorant off the shelf and then put it back on the shelf for someone else to buy.
CMA Controversy: Racist?
We know that seven-time CMA hosts Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood don't mind poking fun at major issues during their duties during the CMA including disease, celebrities, politics and even the president. There's a new hit show on ABC called Blackish but, did Brad's comment seem a bi…
You Be The Judge!
Dell Schanze was arrested in 2011 after posting a video on YouTube that showed him paragliding from a historic monument in Oregon that found him flying behind an owl. After chasing the bird for 7 minutes and kicking it, 3 years later, he's facing a judge...