After hearing these stories over and over again for months, our ears started to bleed. The topics that made the top of the list need to be put to rest and in some cases, they're not even over.

For instance, let's take the Lancaster Redskin mascot debate that basically divided the town in half. There's still debate about it on Facebook, but it doesn't help that the nationwide debate gets stirred when major organizations, such as the NFL, get involved.

Let's go over the top five over-covered stories of 2015.

  • 1

    Lancaster Redskins Debate

    It's literally still not over with some people. The logo is still on the floor at the school, people are still yelling about it and then there are the people who still want it to change the mascot back from Legends to Redskins.

  • 2

    Buffalo Sabres Tanking

    2015 was not a banner year for the Buffalo Sabres as they tried to plummet to the bottom of the NHL for the best draft pick.

  • 3

    Buffalo School Board

    Dang it, Carl. Stop ticking everyone off. We're sick of hearing about it.

  • 4

    What Color is the Dress?

    You're all wrong. It's blue and black. End of story.

  • 5

    Anything Buffalo Bills

    But, we just really want them to be good....just please. Please, Terry. Please, Rex.

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