Ok, take a look at the Taylor Swift picture below that she put on Instagram. Then scroll down and look at the picture one user put up of her grandma.

The Reddit user captioned the picture “When your Grandma looks like Taylor Swift and your Grandpa looks like Hugh Hefner’s Brother" and it took off like wildfire. If you're a major Taylor Swift fan and you've been following her for years, you may really see how this could look like a younger Swift. We're not sure if Swift saw the picture yet, but this isn't the first time Taylor Swift had a doppelgänger.


According to Yahoo, "in March 2015, the “Shake It Off” singer even confused herself with a doppelgänger on Tumblr.

“When your best friend looks like Taylor swift you have to take 100 selfies,” a user by the name Morgan Jensen captioned a snap of herself with a Swift look-alike named Kasey. Swift, 26, then reblogged the pic and commented: “lol I thought that was me.”


Freaky, huh?