If there ever were two people who seem made for each other, it's Thomas Rhett and his wife Lauren, who both helm equally adorable Instagram accounts showing off fun high points of their marriage and family life—plus a few good-natured jokes on each other, such as the one Thomas captured and posted on his social media Jan. 20.

In the video, the couple are sitting at a table outside, apparently just hanging out, when Thomas decides to sneakily film Lauren. Oh, and add one of those ridiculous filters to her face—to be exact, one that gives her an out-of-proportion huge smiley-face mouth. The result is hilarious, but not exactly flattering.

It turns out he wasn't actually being that sneaky, and his wife knew was was up all along. "Stop! I can tell the phone is on me!" Lauren protests, before giving up and putting her head down on the table.

You'd think Thomas would keep this prank for his own private collection, but no...he of course had to put it up for fans to see (and laugh at). "Love you," he captioned the video. We can't wait to see what Lauren does to get him back for this one.

It's a good thing the couple shares a sense of humor, as they have had quite a whirlwind of a past year. They adopted their older daughter Willa Gray from Uganda in May 2017, and then gave birth to their biological daughter, Ada James, just a few months later. That's a lot of changes in a short time for one young couple to adjust to, but this pair seems to have it down—and can keep laughing at themselves along the way!

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