The New York State Thruway has announced the pay per trip when you now go on the 90.

As of 2024, the tolls in New York State have gone up. This includes all of the bridges in the New York City area. If you do not have an EZ Pass, the tolls will cost you even more. New York State is trying to make sure that everyone has the EZ PASS. If you have an EZ Pass, you are required to keep putting money onto a balance so that the tolls can deduct money from it.

This is a new option that will be a substitute for the New York State Thruway EZ Pass. The 'Pay Per Trip' option will allow you to hook up your bank account to pay for tolls.

Not a frequent traveler or don't prefer auto-replenishment? Sign up for the the Pay Per Trip plan. No prepaid account balance is required and tolls are deducted directly from your bank account.

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