I'm a "foodie"....worked in kitchens growing up and just love to cook.  One thing I've never had the opportunity to enjoy is a fried turkey.  For those of you that cook them, here is a refresher. For those of you who want to learn to cook a delicious (I'm guessing) golden brown fried turkey!  Let's start here.....


- Fresh turkeys are safer- If you are going to use a frozen turkey, make sure it is fully thawed.  Placing a frozen bird in hot oil could cause an explosion or cause the oil to spill over and possibly ignite a fire!

- Fryers should be used on flat surfaces and be used outdoors away from your house or any combustible materials.  EX- Towels, pot-holders etc...

-Do not leave fryers unattended- Obviously!

-Wear cooking goggles and oven mits when getting close or handling the fryer.

-Do not over fill the fryer with oil.

-Drop the turkey in slowly....allow bubbles to settle before lowering the whole bird into the pot.

-Never let the oil temperature exceed 350 degrees.  Oil can ignite at 375 degrees.

-Keep a fire extinguisher nearby when frying the turkey.

- Let the oil cool for hours before trying to remove or store it!



* all info taken from prep site Radio Online*

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