Before you read this blog let me state:  I am for the Americans With Disabilities Act, and respect that certain people have special needs and require special accommodations. BUT  what I cannot stand for is how some people try to use a system, designed to help people who are truly in need, with frivolous lawsuits that tie up the court system, wastes peoples time and costs the taxpayers money! 

With that said, enjoy my rant in BOLD text-

Associated Press reported that a 6-foot, 290-pound New York man, Martin Kessman, is suing White Castle claiming “the booths in one of its hamburger restaurants are too small.” 

Then maybe White Castle is not where you, Martin should be hanging out. Booths are too small for what? The animals used to create the food you jam in your face hole?

He says he “slammed his knee into a metal post under the table and was in pain.”

Try slamming your knees on a life cycle or tread mill! I would bet you a White Castle CRAVE CASE that Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers or any workout facility in the area would have the proper seating arrangements for your slider craving,  fat knee banging, French fry stuffing, stretch pants wearing A**!

The lawsuit claims the restaurant could not accommodate a customer of Kessman's stature, in violation of the Americans With Disabilities Act.

ARE YOU #$%&-ING KIDDING ME!? What is next Martin? Can you hit up the Drive-Thru or can you not fit behind the wheel of a car? Should the auto industry get ready for a lawsuit?

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