I started digging through some old holiday pictures and came across some with me and my favorite toys that I had which got me to thinking about how today's toys compare to the ones I used to play with as a kid.  Seems like today its mostly video games and tech toys.  I thought it would be cool to take a walk down memory lane with the greats like the slinky, what a simple concept and yet it provided me hours of entertainment.  How about the ones we take for granted like crayons they've been around as far as I can remember and don't get the respect they deserve, lol.  The yo-yo is another one, I was fascinated by it but never could master it.  I would get so jealous of my sisters when they would toss it up and down and all around.  And the bicycle, I had one with what used to be called a "sissy" bar, if you said that today it would be insulting but we didn't know that then.  Anyway here is the complete list of the top ten toys of all time, do you have a favorite?

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