The rumors keep piling up that OBJ and the Buffalo Bills will come to an agreement, and Von Miller once again has Bills fans "Bill-ieving" it.

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The Buffalo Bills made 2 trades at the deadline to get running back Nyheim Hines from the Colts and safety Dean Marlowe from the Falcons. They are essential moves as the Bills gained a pass-catching, punt-returning RB and a Safety who knew the system already from his time in Buffalo previously. Both were areas of concern and have been addressed. So,m the BIlls are done adding pieces to their Super Bowl-caliber team, right?

Wrong, if you believe the rumors anyway.

Bills' Star pass rusher Von Miller won a Super Bowl with LA Rams last year and star receiver Odell Beckham Jr. Miller went on to sign with the Bills in the offseason, but OBJ is recovering from a knee injury. As a result, he hasn't signed with anyone yet.

Since Miller's arrival, however, he's been poking at the idea of OBJ coming to the Bills. There are tons of NFL: insiders predicting the move will happen as well. Throwing more fire on the flames, Miller put this out on Instagram:

Instagram: vonmiller
Instagram: vonmiller

Now, this doesn't mean, obviously, that it's a done deal. However, you can not deny the momentum that has been building toward this.

Some will argue against the signing, as OBJ is considered a diva by some. There is no denying his talent, though. The Bills have a way of getting buy-in from players considered to be trouble. Wide Receiver Stephon Diggs is the p[prime example.

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