This story is about one in a million. A girl who had her wallet stolen was notified that checks were being issued in her name and money was quickly being depleted to nothing. Her money, credit cards and IDs were all gone. Someone stole them.

It's a hassle and annoying to live life until everything gets sorted out. But Brianna Priddy, who worked at an Applebee's in Colorado got her ID back quicker than she thought -- when a group of girls came to have some drinks and food. Brianna asked them for their IDs only to have one girl hand her an ID....that was her.

"I put on my server smile and tried to take care of them, but I was shaking like crazy".

Me? I would have freaked out. Brianna, though, kept calm, kept her 'server smile' on and told them she would get the drinks -- and then walked to the back and than called the police.

The only kind of criminal is a dumb one. And this one was really dumb. The girl that used Brianna's ID to buy a drink was 26. She's already old enough to have a drink.