You may do this every single year already, but Warren Buffett is here to spice things up a bit...or a lot.

If you play March Madness brackets and love to do fill out your picks every year, guessing who will advance to the Final Four, then make sure you get over to Buffett's new site by March 3.

Warren is offering $1 BILLION to anyone that correctly has all 67 games guessed in the tournament. Now, guessing all 67 is a very, very "slim-to-none" chance, but if you do it, it comes with a heft payday for you with no catch AND it was all Buffett's idea:

"This will be the most fun. Just imagine if there's one person left at the last game," Buffett said Tuesday. "I will go to that final game with him or her and I'll have a check in my pocket.... I think we'll be rooting for different teams."

Imagine that phone call: "Hi, this is Warren Buffet. Let's go the NCAA Championship together."

The brackets will open March 3 to the first 10 million people that sign up online. The payout? All winners would split the payout, but if you're the only one, you have the option of taking 40 annual payments of $25 million or a lump sum of $500 million.

Hey, if you don't win? Make sure you're in the top 20 almost-perfect brackets because you're getting some money too.