So you found the love of your life and are ready to tell the world, but what's next? Yes, it’s time to get planning! Booking your venue and ceremony are two of the first steps of the wedding planning process. This step can be a bit overwhelming, but we're here to help.

The following FAQ’s were answered by our expert wedding friends at La Galleria Events:

1) Can I customize my wedding reception and ceremony?

Your wedding should be all about the unique love between you and your partner. If you have fallen in love with the wedding venue of your dreams, make sure to ask about flexibility right away. Marrying your best friend should be magical and that probably means including some personal touches. Make sure your venue can accommodate them!

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2) What is the role of the Wedding Coordinator at this venue?

Wedding Coordinators and Event Planners are so important in the wedding process, but it is easy to get their responsibilities mixed up. Most times, Wedding Coordinators are there to help on your special day, but only Event Planners help you with your full pre-planning process like vendors, budgets etc. Make sure you know what the Wedding Coordinator at the venue is responsible for and what you may need help with from an outside Event Planner or experienced family and friends.

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3) Do you have a preferred vendor list?

Vendor, vendor, vendor is the word you will be hearing for the next year in a half so you want to make sure you pick the best ones. Wedding Coordinators have seen a LOT, so make sure to ask for their favorite people. The choice of your vendors is critical to having an AMAZING flawless day!

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4) Food: Where is it made?

If nothing else, your guests will remember the food from your wedding, so you want it to be absolutely killer! Make sure food is made in-house by chefs who have been with the venue a long time. No one wants a cook who has just started cooking for the best day of their lives.

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5) What is included and, more importantly, what is NOT included?

Communication is everything in a healthy relationship. Whether you're talking with your partner about the guest list or chatting with the venue staff, make sure that everything is super clearly spelled out. For example, if your venue has multiple rooms, make sure you know where your guests can and cannot go during the event. Make sure you know the exact linens, table décor and room accessories that come with the package you choose. Good communication makes for fewer unwelcome surprises.

If you have any questions about the wedding planning process, contact La Galleria’s Events team at 716-648-4880 or email them at Follow them on Instagram @lagalleriaevents.