I just wonder how many football fans went down to Dallas with a suitcase full of t-shirts, shorts and sandals.  They should have taken winter coats and gloves.  The Dallas weather has been anything but pleasant during Super Bowl week.  My sister in law moved from Buffalo to Dallas about 30 years ago and never recalls such an awful winter. 

Earlier in the week she turned around and went home instead of going to work because the streets were glare ice.  In just a few blocks from home she saw a number of cars slide into one another.  She had a close call herself and she has a 20-mile drive to work.  Then on Friday she woke up to snow.  Certainly nothing we in Buffalo would be concerned about...but snow like this in Dallas is a big deal.  Most people in Dallas don't have snow shovels.  How many do you think carry a snow brush in their car?  Not too many. 


The ice has been so bad in Dallas that players from the Steelers and Packers were instructed to walk on the grass instead of the sidewalks to prevent from falling and getting hurt.  That advisory after a number of league personnel and fans had fallen on the ice.   A number of people were injured when snow and ice fell from the roof of Cowboys' owner Jerry Jones' billion dollar stadium.   I'm sure that's not what he had in mind in showcasing his new stadium. 

After a high of only 28 on Friday, the forecast for Super Bowl Sunday in Dallas is for rain and only 41.  I guess it was a good idea to have the stadium roof closed for the game.


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