It's been almost a week and no one has come forward to return Willie Nelson's armadillo. The creature -- who goes by the affectionate nickname "Ol' Dillo" -- was swiped from a sound console after a show in Port Chester, N.Y. last week. Video footage shows the crime as it happened.

Watch as a woman with shoulder-length dark hair comes from the back of the stage and approaches the console on the right side of the screen. She picks up the armadillo (it's a stuffed animal) and walks off. No one notices.

Nelson posted video of the theft, asking for help via Facebook. The armadillo belongs to sound engineer Aaron Foye and has been a part of the band for three years, according to the AP. It always sits on his console, but the crew was distracted during load-out and missed this act of thievery.

The theft has nothing to do with Nelson postponing or canceling all shows through the remainder of the month. An email from his publicist confirms the singer has a shoulder injury and doctors want him to rest for a week. The next scheduled show he'll play is on Oct. 15 in Louisville, Ky. His new album 'To All the Girls' will be out on Oct. 22.

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