Because of the 2020 COVID 19 pandemic has made us all change the way we do things and unfortunately has forced many things to be canceled.
As a big supporter of the local agriculture community in WNY, I ask that you watch he following video and help the kids of 4H.
Not only are the kids in Erie County feeling the pain of the COVID shutdown, each county in Western New York has changed to a virtual or inline auction in place of the traditional auctions we see at the county fairs.

As you can tell, the work is hard. But the passion these kids have keep them working and it has been great to watch them grow. The future of agriculture in Western New York lies in the hands of kids just like the Kehr family. As a community, we can come together to support the auctions and help further the traditions and the pride in local farms and help support the families that feed us!

Information about local auctions and how to help the kids of 4H can be found using the "search" tool on our website. Thanks for your support of our kids and the farms.  No Farms, No Food!

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