I applaud people like Lee Federiconi.

It's almost pathetic that the world has come to it, but you know you know the situation all too well: people being on their phones at the dinner table. Heck, it probably happens every single night at your family's dinner table. Texting, Facebook, Twitter, Email, Snapchat have taken over our lives to the point where we have to check them constantly and sometimes, you probably even find yourself doing it minutes after you already checked.

Lebro's restaurant in Getzville isn't a stranger to the situation and they want you to go back and remember that you have real-life communication skills. So, they've offered a 10% discount on Sundays when you're entire family puts their cell phones in the bread basket and can resist the temptation to touch them the entire meal.

Surprisingly, (or maybe not) 1/3 of groups that come in on Sundays actually are up for the challenge. The other 2/3 apparently would rather sacrifice the ten percent for phone usage. According to WGRZ:

It's a joy and tells me that it's an important phase of family life. Growing up, that's what we did - talked about things and life was a lot simpler. I don't think life has gotten harder, it's just the devices have made things a little more complicated. But I think for this hour of time, families can reconnect with each other."

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